The Studio

My light filled studio sits in a colorful garden. This is where the angel paintings are co-created. When an Angel is preparing to be painted it gives me suggetions of what it would like in the composition of the picture. These suggestions can be colors, clippings from magazines and sketches. I put the suggestions into an A4 plastic pocket until it feels like I have received all of them. Then the process of drawing and painting the Angel can take from a month to a number of years. The Angels never give me a view of a complete drawing, simply the suggestions.

Then when the day comes for the drawing to be done the drawing is co-created between us. The aim of the drawing is that each part of the picture represents the quality the Angel radiates. If a line is not quite right I get a feeling in my heart to erase part of the line till it is drawn in a way that correctly depicts the Angel’s quality.

First I draw the angel picture on tracing paper, then transfer the drawing onto water color paper. I paint flat on a table using 640-gram paper stapled to a board. Water color is the medium used as it is transparent and gives magical effects.

The studio has a lovely vibration because of painting for long periods of time with Angels and Archangels. The Angel being painted shines its light into my third eye, my heart centre and my hands as I use the brush. The Angel being painted transmits its light into the painting as I brush on the layers of paint. In this way the divine frequency of the Angel is imbedded into the painting as it is being done. Each painting takes a long time to co-create as there are many, many layers of paint. A painting can take from one month to five years to complete. The paintings are 55cms by 75cms (22 x 30 inches) in dimension.

After the painting is completed, a digital photograph is taken of it for printing and publishing purposes.