Angelic Connection Workshops

The purpose of the Angelic Connection Workshops is to bring a greater awareness of the truth of your own heart by connecting you to those Angels and Archangels in spirit who know, recognise and appreciate your hearts beauty. Workshops are one to seven days in length. These workshops are times when Angelics and humans meet to connect in a relaxed, happy and inspired atmosphere.

Each of us has an eternal connection to spirit that began before we were born and continues beyond this life’s journey. Whether you are practised at communicating with Angels or experiencing it as a new aspect of life, the time at the workshop enhances your awareness of the connection to these divine friends, deepens the purity of it and assists you to move beyond any self imposed limitations.

There are various topics covered daily, each relating to a specific aspect of life and incorporating a process designed by the Angels themselves. The tools and processes are designed to create and strengthen existing connections to loving assistance of the Angels.

The workshop allows you to enjoy the company of these Angelic beings and to commune with each Angel and Archangel as a mentor, guide and friend, who joyously assists through their own particular area of expertise.

In the workshops Kayt shares with you the joy of the Angelics, their stories and the personal experiences people have had with them. At these events many people have made lasting friendships with not only the Angels but also with one another after sharing this unique time together.

What people say about the workshops:

“In the workshop I felt a connection to the angels that I never thought I would. Now I know they are there I can call on them for their support.”

Cindy Conlin

“I’m sure the angel processes and tools are helping me express my life purpose and I’m glad to be changing old patterns.”

Diana Jones

“Thank you so much for your love, your kindness and helping us find Light. Congratulations for trusting your inner voice is God and choosing a life dedicated to love.”

Wendy Shotton

“The things that touched me most were the music and Kayt’s simplicity and truth.”

Fred Keogh

“The workshop is very practical! Your advice and processes on engaging and working with angelic beings in ones life is excellent and very helpful. The whole event was peaceful, upbeat and uplifting!”

Sam Killick

“I came to learn how to make a connection with angels. I was grateful to be able to ask questions and feel comfortable in doing so. I have thoroughly enjoyed the event and feel closer to the angels.”

Bryan King

“A loving atmosphere pervaded the event and the angelic presences were so welcoming and embracive. The workshop was beautifully crafted, well-prepared, and generously presented. Come back to London soon.”

John Brook

“Kayt where does your voice come from? Perhaps from the angels. The sound is beautiful, my heart is touched and I am taken with ease to a place within. Now I feel a very new peace, deeper trust and reassurance. In a period of change I found the workshop and the angelic presences touched and helped me.”

Francine Levey

Kayt currently conducts workshops in a number of countries and will be creating an online workshop in the future. If you would like to be put on the list for this online angelic experience and empowerment then please let us know.