About the Angelic Choir

Angels & Archangels

What people often don’t know is that we have to ask for assistance from Angelics because they respect our free will. So it’s important to call on the Angels and Archangels if we require their help. We can receive guidance from them in regard to any aspect of our life, relationships, finances, work, creativity and so on, and they can assist us to grow spiritually and to upgrade our vibrational frequency. This attracts positive situations, opportunities, people and support to us.

Angels and Archangels are luminous beings, invisible to us most of the time. They love us unconditionally and do not judge us.

Each Angel has a particular frequency of light that it radiates. When we call on an Angel it gently radiates its vibration through our physical, mental, emotional and physical bodies. The vibration can be a quality like kindness, wisdom or clarity. We could call them specialist Angels as they radiate one divine quality.

An Archangel is the team leader for a group of Angels known as a choir. A choir of Angels has a particular focus that benefits humanity. Each Archangel leads many choirs of Angels.

Archangel Michael has said that an Angel with a particular quality is like a book in a library whereas an Archangel is like the library because it radiates many qualities.

We can have direct experience of these divine ones when we call upon them from our heart and they inspire and assist us. They bring us assistance directly or through other people.

If you are not already communicating with Angels, call on them, explore their assistance in your own life and access the benefits. A lot of us call upon, communicate with and enjoy a beneficial relationship with Angels and our lives are enhanced as a result.

Often when we call on an Angel or Archangel, we say, “Help me.” From their point of view they see many things we need assistance with. So it is best if we are specific and give them a brief or description of our requirement. They seem to like it this way.

For example, I might say. “I am now grateful to you Angel Cassandra for assisting me to express my authentic self in the interview I am doing at 11am this morning. Please help me to do my best.

If we require assistance and don’t know the Angel’s name, the best thing to do is to think of the quality we require. For example, “I am grateful for the assistance of the Angel of patience, or encouragement, or joy.” Then our Guardian will connect us up to that specific Angel. I have found it best to call on my Guardian first, and after that, to call on the specific Angel or Archangel I require.

The Angels want to assist us to become independent and self-reliant because we come here to learn and grow as a soul. When we call on them their assistance is with this intention of supporting our development in the areas we require.

In an Angel Consult individuals bring their questions for the Angels. Accordingly a conversation with the Angels through Kayt takes place around your questions. If you have forgotten any questions that are important they will remind you and answer those as well.

The Angelic Choir

The Angelic Choir consists of seventy-seven Angelics who work together to inspire and support people in all aspect of their lives. This Choir has come together through the centuries with the purpose of sharing their loving messages and making it easier for us to connect with them and with God. This Choir has inspired angelic paintings and writings in ancient times in Mesopotamia, then in those beautiful and uplifting paintings and writings in the Renaissance, these paintings and maybe others around the world.

Each member of the Angelic Choir has its own area of expertise to assist and benefit those of us who call on them. In truth the Angelics are recognized and known in spirit by their vibration. The name each one of the Angels has chosen for itself represents its’ quality and the energy of the message it is here to share. The name is as close a representation to their true vibrational name as our language can allow.

When a human requests assistance in a specific area of need, one of the Choir or a small group within the Choir will respond by sending their qualities and loving guidance to us via the four Guardian Angels who walk with us. Our four Guardians then ensure that this assistance is received by us in the most gentle, positive and useful ways. In spirit when a small group of Angels is assisting us, they call us “a project.”

Just as our friendship with one person will differ from another, so it is with our relationships with Angelics. Our connection with one Angel will be unique to that specific being and ourselves. Our relationship with a different Angel will have its own different yet unique quality and friendship. It is part of our special linkage to the Angelic Realm.

The members of the Angelic Choir remind us of the simplicity of our connection to the Angels and Archangels through the trust and truth of our own hearts. Having this trust allows us to know that these divine ones are always there ready and willing to assist us.