What people say about the consults:

"Beautiful Kayt, thank you so much for the monumental angel consultation earlier this week. The advice of the angels and archangels was wise and practical. It was a life changing encounter for me. My whole world shifted. I’ve been telling everyone to come and see you and will continue to do so.

A while ago, when I first saw your talk via Zoom to our essential oils group, I felt absolutely compelled to have an Angel Consult. The consult was wonderful and opened a new chapter for me. It seemed like every cell in my body was touched by the angel and archangel energy. The gift of the consult is that it altered the prism of how I see my life. It has brought about a deep settling in me - a calm. And, it has given me more grace in every interaction. As a result, I am having a better time in my life. The experience of the Angel Consult has changed the channel through which I experience my life. I am joyously and deeply grateful.”

Sacha Marie Legru

“I have had a series of Angel Consults with the angels guiding my spiritual development through Kayt (who brings through angel words precisely and purely). For me it has been a positive and enjoyable process to learn to love myself on a daily basis. The angels have helped me to iron out the creases in my life. So I can now live in my authentic self - the person I truly am. I am very grateful!!”

Jochem Ferguson

“I’m a professional psychic and haven’t had a reading in 15 years. Walking past this spiritual shop, Archangel Michael told me to have an Angel Consult with you. I’m really pleased. It was excellent and great value. I’m inspired.”

Brent Stevens

“I now know what to do about that tricky situation. The angels are so wise. I needed a new perspective and approach. I feel refreshed. A burden has been lifted, I appreciate it.”

Pat Thomas

“As a result of the consult there was a real shift in my energy. I’m much lighter now, more focused, trusting and uplifted. I’ve got on the case and started believing in myself like the angels told me. With the assistance of the three angels who came through in the reading, I now have two real job opportunities and have accepted one of them.”

Dave Rogers

It is excellent to be able to communicate with the angels directly through you with your gift. It feels very special for them to answer my questions and give me guidance for the next stage. It is just like having a conversation with them, something I have longed for, for many years.”

Louise Murphy

"That was profound! What you do is very special. It makes a difference to peoples lives. It has to mine. Thank you.”

Maree Bancliff

"Hey Kayt, thanks for the Consult. I hadn’t expected to discuss my business in such detail with the angel business group and it’s been most valuable. As I said on the phone, I’m fortunate to have access to such practical wisdom and guidance. Bless you and the Angels!!”

Ray Fletcher

"I received very specific information for how to move forward in my business, which is exactly what I was after. I loved it. Thank you!”

Diana Edwards

"I just wanted to thank you for such an inspiring and thought provoking angel consultation. The key messages that came through truly spoke to me. The magical experience cemented for me what my true purpose and path is, as I now enter middle age. Your authenticity and beautifully natured persona made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was able to open up to you without fear of judgement and because of this, I truly feel I was able to get a lot out of our session. You have an amazing gift. I feel blessed that our paths crossed. I will be sure to keep you up to date with my progress. God bless.”

Olga Sampson

"Thanks again for a wonderful consult today. You radiated a warmth and kindness that made me feel comfortable. You were professional and succinct, while loving and gentle - I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Jes Short

What people say about the paintings:

“Thank you for allowing me to view the Angel Paintings on several occasions. For me they are technically brilliant and inspiring. Each of the paintings instilled special understanding and feelings that opened my awareness and uplifted me. It is so reassuring that I can call on these Angels and Archangels to assist me with my journey and I do so every day. Thank you!”

Cecelia Yeo

“The beautiful angel pictures surrounding me at the workshop were so soothing and uplifting, I feel a peaceful angelic connection and a deeper comprehension of my own value. I am grateful.”

Peter Johnson

“It was such a treat to be in the presence of such exquisite works of art that also emanate the energy of the Angelics. The air felt quite different while the paintings were on view. I feel enriched from seeing them.”

Louis Stanley

“When I saw the paintings, that first moment captivated my senses and I thought, this is so beautiful, they are breathtaking in their beauty! It’s a whole body experience - the look and the feel - seeing and experiencing something so new and different. I am refreshed and inspired.”

Trevor Tanner

What people say about the workshops:

“In the workshop I felt a connection to the angels that I never thought I would. Now I know they are there I can call on them for their support.”

Cindy Conlin

“I’m sure the angel processes and tools are helping me express my life purpose and I’m glad to be changing old patterns.”

Diana Jones

“Thank you so much for your love, your kindness and helping us find Light. Congratulations for trusting your inner voice is God and choosing a life dedicated to love.”

Wendy Shotton

“The things that touched me most were the music and Kayt’s simplicity and truth.”

Fred Keogh

“The workshop is very practical! Your advice and processes on engaging and working with angelic beings in ones life is excellent and very helpful. The whole event was peaceful, upbeat and uplifting!”

Sam Killick

“I came to learn how to make a connection with angels. I was grateful to be able to ask questions and feel comfortable in doing so. I have thoroughly enjoyed the event and feel closer to the angels.”

Bryan King

“A loving atmosphere pervaded the event and the angelic presences were so welcoming and embracive. The workshop was beautifully crafted, well-prepared, and generously presented. Come back to London soon.”

John Brook

“Kayt where does your voice come from? Perhaps from the angels. The sound is beautiful, my heart is touched and I am taken with ease to a place within. Now I feel a very new peace, deeper trust and reassurance. In a period of change I found the workshop and the angelic presences touched and helped me.”

Francine Levey

praise from organizations:

There are many organizations and individuals around the world who have welcomed and appreciated Kayt’s angel activities. A few of those are quoted below.

"Kayt is a beautiful person - gifted and loving. Each year since we met in 2003, she has conducted a number of angelic connection evenings and workshops. They are engaging, uplifting and empowering. The true beauty and purity of the events has attracted many to attend. The angelic presences in the room, along with the paintings, are truly inspiring and nurturing. The events are grounded, offering participants knowledge and tools that are useful on a day-to-day basis She has a good international reputation having conducted such events in England, Ireland, Scotland, France, USA, and in various states of Australia.

Her Angel Consults have been a favourite with the members of the Academy. Each person brings his/her questions for the angels. Then there is a conversation with the angelics through Kayt. I have had an Angel Consult and the experience was extraordinary. The advice profound and practical, the angelic presence potent, and the conversation with the angels intimate."

Southern Cross Academy of Light, Sydney, Australia

Rosemary Butterworth, Director

"The experience of the Angelic Connection Workshop really makes you feel the links with our angelic helpers are so real and so strong. Whereas for many people generally, it’s all to hazy - too difficult to make the connection. What was so good in the workshop was that the angelic qualities were brought out and people were drawn to one or the other being in particular. It seemed that each angel holds a keynote and this showed also in the role description of what the angel does to assist us.

The day was so useful and meaningful. People commented on the pictures when they walked around and what had happened for each of them in the deep processes. Attendees seemed inspired, touched and changed by he experience of the workshop. Thank you very much Kayt."

Theosophical Society, Sydney, Australia

Celia Novy, Coordinator

"We have had Kayt conduct workshops each year for us and they are loved by participants. Each workshop she does we receive requests that she come back again. And, we have invited her back. In light of our experience we are happy to suggest her work to other organizations.
Her workshops are everything they say they will be and more. Kayt herself has a wonderful presence, and ensures everyone feels at ease and comfortable. She imparts so much knowledge and wisdom, participants delight in being there.

The angelic presences are strongly felt in the workshops. The angel knowledge and processes are empowering, practical and grounded. Participants receive useful spiritual tools they can use in every day life to be their best self and to live a life uplifted by angelic love, strengths and support.

We are impressed by Kayt’s professionalism, angelic knowledge, ability with groups, authenticity, humor, and caring."

Alternatives, London, England

Steve Nobel, Director

"Following a recommendation from Alternatives, Kayt came to the College for an initial discussion of her work. We were shown her beautiful paintings of angels, learned the story of how they came to be and experienced their energy, as gentle and lovely as the energy of Kayt herself.

She has conducted a number of evenings and workshops each year here at the College focusing on topics like connecting with angels, co-creating with angels, guardian angels, and a number of master classes on a variety of angelic topics.

We received excellent feedback from Kayt’s work at the College each time she has been here. On leaving the workshops attendees remark they felt “uplifted”, “inspired”, “washed”, “peaceful”, “empowered”, “validated”, “loved”.

I can attest the gently resonant quality of Kayt’s voice, which conveys the depth of her integrity, compassion, humour, warmth and understanding. She is an extremely capable presenter who works intuitively and responsively with her audience and participants. Her Angel Consults are also popular and people book in early to be able to experience such a conversation with the angels around the questions they have. People look bright and shiny after they have had a consult, as though their energy has been cleared and emotional pain lifted. They describe the experience as “extraordinary”, “satisfying”, “deeply meaningful”, “practical”, “full of wisdom”, “useful”, “strategic”, “spiritual”, “magical”, “encouraging”, “loving”, “valuable”.

I am happy to vouch for Kayt’s reliability as a presenter and for the quality of her work."

The College of Psychic Studies, London, England

Octavia Kenny, Programme Co-ordinator

"Kayt Raymond’s Angelic Connections Seven Day Workshop at Cluny College - Findhorn, has been a very inspirational experience for us. People came from all around the world to take part in this special workshop.

We found Kayt’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and connection to be outstanding. I believe we will support this work on an ongoing basis in the future. We enjoyed the variety of activities she suggested and the depth of the connection that was created with the angelic realm. In their evaluations all the participants spoke of the purity, heart learning and enjoyment of the workshop.

We’ve strengthened our connection with our guardian angels and the Angelic Choir. We’ve learnt how to set a specific purpose and invoke the angelic presence and to work with it effectively. We experienced the benefit of communing with specific members of the Angelic Choir to assist us on our soul journey. The angelic presence was almost tangible and the programme rich and useful.

We particularly enjoyed the paintings of the Angels displayed in the room and the quality of the teachings, meditations and processes that Kayt led ever day, Thank you dear Kayt and come back soon. And, please come back and work with the Findhorn Angel."

Findhorn Foundation, Forres, Scotland

Ursula Pfahler, Cluny Focaliser

"On the recommendation of one of our members, the Club invited Kayt Raymond to speak at an evening meeting. Given the state of the world at this point in time, Kayt is interested in how we can contribute to making our world a better place. She spoke on the subject, ‘Intuition, Gut Instinct & The Doorway To Wisdom’.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect and found the presentation interesting, different and thought provoking. The best part of the evening was when Kayt linked to her own experiences of being intuitive and how she started painting. She asked us if we would like to see some of her paintings and showed 10 of them on a screen. Each painting had a number and we were asked to “tune in” to which angel/s our intuition was drawn to.

A hand went up, “I’m number seven,” said a member. “What does that angel strength do?” and it was explained. There were a lot of questions and answers. Everyone was engaged. It was a great presentation.

We’ve invited Kayt back and asked for Part 2. We’re all looking forward to it.
We’ve given her the whole evening and we hope she’ll bring some of the original paintings as well.

I am happy to recommend Kayt as a speaker. The members like her. She’s friendly, up beat, interesting and fun."

Penrith Rotary Club, Penrith, Australia

Dr Roger McMaster-Fay, President