Angelic Paintings

When an Angel approaches me to paint it I feel privileged and grateful. The Angel gives me hints of what it would like in the picture. This can go on for months or years. I collect the suggestions in an A4 plastic pocket including colours, shapes, sketches, photos, and pictures from magazines.

A day comes when it feels right to draw the picture on a 22 x 30 inch piece of tracing paper. I do so with guidance. When the drawing is complete it is
transferred to thick watercolor paper and painted with the palette of colors suggested in the hints from the Angel.

The paintings are modern depictions of Angels with a halo to represent their divinity and a soul star above their head to represent their connection on high, the quality they radiate and the body of knowledge each one brings. Currently I am painting Archangel Michael.

The Angelic Paintings are a co-creation between the Angel being painted and me. The Angel imprints the vibration of its truth with layers of divine Light as the brush strokes go on to the paper. Inherent within each painting is the spiritual truth of the Angelic Realm, which touches us differently each time we come into contact with one of the paintings depending on our current need. This allows us to receive what we require in an ever changing and appropriate fashion. Any photographs or reproductions of the paintings still hold this unique quality within them.

The purpose of these paintings is to allow the energy of the Angel to touch the physical world and for us to feel their presence. The paintings allow the energy of the Angel to be seen, felt, experienced and integrated. These paintings speak to the heart of each person who views them. Each painting is a living embodiment of the loving energy transmitted into the painting during its creation. This allows people to experience a heart connection with the beautiful vibration of the Angelics.

The Angels desired to be painted in human form so that humans could realise that they are reachable beings rather than distant and separate from us. As in the case with people, each Angel is unique, with its own personality and style which is reflected in the way in which they have chosen to be painted.

When I started, if I had been told the paintings embodied divine energies, I would not have believed it. Though what I noticed over time is that each person who comes to see the paintings knows immediately which angel is “theirs.” I wondered how they knew. There had been no explanation from me, except to say the name of each Angel.

Gradually it became clear that there must be something about the paintings that speaks to the hearts of people. Occasionally someone would say, “I like that painting visually, but it is this other Angel my heart is drawn to.”

Clearly the energetic heart knows what divine quality it requires and recognises the specific angel frequency it needs.

It has been explained to me that the quality of the Angel or multiple qualities of the Archangel, flow through me into the painting as it is being co-created. Each painting receives many layers of watercolor on it and many layers of divine Light. The angel paintings embody and radiate the divine frequency of the Angel or Archangel depicted, and are sacred works of art.

As people are highly visual and tactile, the experience of the picture is a sensory one. The value of the paintings and the prints is that they emit the angel frequency for people to experience in a personal and intimate way. It opens the spiritual heart and leads it into the divine love space.

When a soul chooses to have a human life, it decides which qualities it will learn during the life. The qualities exist in the soul in potential waiting to be catalysed. When a person sees an angel painting that captivates them the Angel’s quality radiates from the painting into the person’s soul making a deep connection with that Angel. This way the person can experience, integrate, and live the truth of that quality on their life journey. In Spirit, it is easy for a soul to say, “I am kind”, or “I am courageous.” It is not tested there. It is only through the challenges of a life on earth that a soul can experience the truth of that quality and make the choice to live it fully in response to the challenges of the life journey.

The Angelic Paintings have brought an enthusiastic response from all who view them, many people relating heart felt experiences of how the loving vibration of an Angel has touched and positively influenced their lives.

“Thank you for allowing me to view the Angel Paintings on several occasions. For me they are technically brilliant and inspiring. Each of the paintings instilled special understanding and feelings that opened my awareness and uplifted me. It is so reassuring that I can call on these Angels and Archangels to assist me with my journey and I do so every day. Thank you!”

Cecelia Yeo

“The beautiful angel pictures surrounding me at the workshop were so soothing and uplifting, I feel a peaceful angelic connection and a deeper comprehension of my own value. I am grateful.”

Peter Johnson

“It was such a treat to be in the presence of such exquisite works of art that also emanate the energy of the Angelics. The air felt quite different while the paintings were on view. I feel enriched from seeing them.”

Louis Stanley

“When I saw the paintings, that first moment captivated my senses and I thought, this is so beautiful, they are breathtaking in their beauty! It’s a whole body experience - the look and the feel - seeing and experiencing something so new and different. I am refreshed and inspired.”

Trevor Tanner