Spirit Guides

What are spirit guides, many have wondered. Spirit guides are the spirits of humans who have had a life here on Earth. They have experienced the trials, tribulations and joys of having a human existence. When they leave here, they can decide to come back into a different body and have another life to learn and grow as a soul. Or, they can remain in spirit and choose to guide those humans they care about.

The spirits of those ones who have passed, often come and stand waiting up in the air behind their loved one, to talk together at the end of an Angel Consult. Such spirits each give advice and reassurance. Sometimes, they even do actions to demonstrate a point. They speak with love, tenderness, wisdom and humor through me to the person having the consult.

In no way did I expect this. It simply started to happen. Originally, my understanding was that I was to “bring through” messages and guidance from Angels and Archangels for the individuals who were having a conversation with them through me.

Then it changed.

Years ago, I was invited to do a day of Angel Consults, at a spiritual shop, Jewels of Wisdom, in Manly. The second consult was with a flight attendant for an international airline. Brent arrived with one arm in a sling, explaining it was a work injury and he had come to this suburb for medical treatment. As he walked past the spiritual shop, Archangel Michael said to him to come inside and have a reading with me. That the angels would have a conversation with him and answer his questions

He came in, paid for the consult, walked up the stairs and sat down on the other side of the small table. Brent had a steadiness about him. Looking directly at me, he said quietly and firmly, “I’m a professional psychic. I’ve been doing readings for people for 15 years. No pressure!”

Surprised, I gulped.

His conversation with the angels went well. Brent’s last question was that he wanted to talk with his dead sister, as he was the executor of her will. It turned out her ex-boyfriend was making demands about the will. In the air above him was a woman with short blond hair who looked like a smoker. I gave him her description and asked, “Does your sister look like this and was she a smoker?” Though a non-smoker himself, he nodded.

She explained, in no way was any of her money intended for the ex-boyfriend. It was for her children. That Brent should vigorously resist any demands from this man. Satisfied with the advice the angels had given him and all his sister had said, he left happy. The next day, he phoned me to say that when he arrived home and walked into his bedroom, there was the smell of cigarette smoke in the air. Brent knew it was his sister assuring him it was her, who had come to the Angel Consult.

For me, I thought, maybe I am to assist spirits to talk with their loved ones. Since then, spirit guides have arrived at many Angel Consults and wait patiently in the air for their turn to speak after the Angels and Archangels have spoken.

On our journey of spiritual awakening, we can experience a longing and love for one who has passed over. It could be a relative or friend we have been close to in life. Yet in death we are still close, because love never dies. Most humans have a number of loving spirit guides who travel with them and give guidance when they require it.

In my house, I have with me, the spirit of a man I loved deeply and still do. During his life, he was my boyfriend, partner, lover, best friend and guide for many years. Josh was tall, dark, handsome, sexy, extremely intelligent, strategic, generous and funny. We loved being together and often travelled interstate and overseas.

Each of us loved movies and enjoyed learning. When it felt time for me to do some more study, Josh suggested, that since I was working at executive levels in multinational corporations, it would be useful for me to do a master’s degree in business. This I did. I am still so grateful to him for his sound advice.

He died far too young, of cancer. My family and so many of us who loved him were devastated for years and remember him with great fondness. Gladly, he admires what I do now and is encouraging and supportive from his level. I know his love will always be with me and on occasion, when I am worried about an issue that is hard to solve, he will draw close to me and give wise advice. When I implement the advice, it always seems to solve the situation.

When Karina Machado interviewed me on her podcast Spirit Sisters, Josh was as delighted as I was. In the interview, I speak about my journey with the angels. Then further on, I give examples of spirit guides who have spoken at the end of Angel Consults.

There is so much angel energy coming through the interview, you will receive a clearing and healing as you listen. Many who have heard it have written saying this is what happened to them.

Leticia, wrote to say the following ~

“Last week, I felt terribly nauseous and ill. Vitality left my body and my true nature seemed to have been sucked out of me. It was awful. The sense of separation from the joy of life and myself was horrible. I was weepy and wondered what was going on – whether it was a virus or a reaction to a recent injection. Despairing, I phoned you. You said to call on the angels and to listen to the interview and sent me a link. The first time I listened, there was an immediate shift that came from the angel energy of the podcast. It was the effect of divine light on me. Therefore, I listened to the podcast once a day for three days. Its’ impact was healing. For me at the time, it was the window that let in the light. I am so grateful to the angels and for the podcast!”

On another note, Gail, a medical doctor and general practitioner at a hospital, came for an Angel Consult about six years ago. The main thing she wanted to ask the angels, was about the next stage of her studies. She asked for their guidance on whether she should specialise in Emergency Medicine or Intensive Care. They said, “From what we see of your life, your talents, who you are and how you practise as a doctor, we suggest you focus your studies on Intensive Care.” She nodded and seemed to be happy with the advice, though I could sense, there was something she was waiting for.

She said, “Is there anyone here in spirit who wants to speak with me?

Looking up behind her, I saw a spirit guide waiting for its’ turn to speak. It was female and the spirit said, “I was a medical specialist and for many years was Gail’s mentor. My advice Gail, is to specialise in Intensive Care. You are eminently suited to this speciality. I agree with the angels.” Once Gail had heard from her former mentor, she left happy.

Last week by chance, I was speaking with a mutual friend who knows Gail. He said, “It’s very exciting, Gail has got a major job at a big hospital in the city as a specialist in Intensive Care. She finished her studies about two years ago and is thrilled to land this job.” Congratulations Gail!